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    BGA255-7A 200M Water ResistantShock Resistant Auto EL (Electro-luminescent) Backlight

    Actual colors may vary At a glance Introducing a new series of BABY-G models that are specially designed for women who enjoy the thrill of free and unfettered travel. All of the variations in this series, especially the all-orange model, feature accents in the vivid orange coloring that is so popular with today's outdoor items. The surface metal coating used for the faces, simple hour markers create elegant designs that coordinate well with different types of fashion. Neon Illuminator uses a black light that causes face elements to glow for easy reading. Illuminating the display causes the face, and hour and minute hands to glow with neon color, which looks great late on a dark outdoor night. These new models are the perfect balance between simple designs and outdoor looks.

    BGA240-1A3 100M Water Resistant Shock Resistant LED Light

    Actual colors may vary Color Variations BGA240L-1A in Black BGA240-4A in Pink BGA240L-7A in White BGA240-1A2 in Black BGA240-7A in White BGA240-1A in Black BGA240-7A2 in White BGA240BC-1A in Resin BGA240BC-4A in Orange At a glance Stylish color variations, which were carefully created for easy coordination with popular sportswear, are black and light blue and white and lime green. The band is punched with a large number of holes like the mesh material that is so common in today's sports fashion items. The holes also allow for the easy passage of air during sports activities. The inside of the band has a protector that enhances the fit to the wrist. Function-wise, the watch comes with a digital readout that can display lap times and split times, and memory for up to 60 lap/split time records. When running, you can set target times to control your pace. The fashionable designs of these models allow them to coordinate well with both sportswear and casual fashions.

    GSTB100XB-2A (Casio-G Shock)

    Actual colors may vary At a glance These new models come with metal parts and buttons, and offer a choice between either blue or rose gold accent coloring on the iconic disk dial at 9 o'clock. The colors of these watches give them a look that is both sporty and elegant. The bezel of the GSTB100XB models has a highly fashionable design, and is made of lightweight yet very rigid carbon material. Highly scratch resistant clear sapphire glass is used for the crystl to enhance readability and appearance

    DW5900BB-1 200M Water ResistantShock ResistantWorld TimeWorld Time for 31 time zones (48 cities + UTC), city code display, daylight saving on/off (Casio-G Shock)

    Actual colors may vary At a glance G-SHOCK is releasing the DW5900, bringing the look of a historical favorite back to life under a backto-original-basics theme. The design and face colors of the original models have been reproduced for this new version. Basic features include stopwatch and timer, along with an EL backlight and more. Three graphic digital dials are similar to those of DW6900 Series. DW5900BB model features an all black matte look and a negative LCD display.

    Stainless Steel