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    ODR - Black Stone 5W-40

    ODR Lubricants - BLACK STONE 5W-40 Premium Fully synthetic engine oil formulated to provide performance & protection against high and low temperature in wear, rust, vanish and sludge deposits. Meet the latest API SN standard for petrol engines. Provides outstanding wear protection in high performance engines designed to run at their optimum level on lower viscosity oils. Used in engines where maximum efficiency and protection is demanded. - Maximize protection and enhanced performance to the stressful engines, high RPM running & high temperature or high shear operation. - Significant low temperature that help to improved cold-start performance and protect against wear down. - Build up oxidation stability that minimize oil degradation and allow extended drain interval. - Excellent cleaning power notably decreases sludge accumulation and piston deposit. - For Gasoline engines & non-DPF Diesel engine We only sell genuine lubricants and we are registered company to ODR Lubricants Sdn Bhd