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    De medicotem (DMT)

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    De Medicotem Illuminating White Cell Ampoule Korea No. 1 1 box contains 10 bottles (5ml each) ✔️ Dilute melanin & Brighten skin tone ✔️ Good in skin treatment and repair ✔️ Improve the cell growth , promote the synthesis of elastic fibers and collagen of skin make the skin elastic and smooth ✔️ Repair damaged skin barrier, strengthen the ba attire defense function, resist the damage caused by seasonal changes to the skin, resist the infection of foreign bacteria to the skin, protect the skin from water loss, improve and strengthen the skinProduct details. Main ingredients: - Stem water, containing 10 growth factors, each with different effects as mentioned above !How to use: ⚠️ It can be used daily after morning and evening after facial cleansing and toning steps. Each dose can be determined according to personal use, continuous use of 2 to 3 boxes, skin will have significant improvements !