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    Terms & Condition

    Terms and Conditions

    (please Not that Ishopping9 is not responsible for any problem within consumer and merchant , plese directly deal with the merchant involve for any trouble with products or etc purchse from the merchant.)

    Ad title

    -Your ad description should describe what is being advertised. It should not be copied from other advertisers (this is illegal under copyright laws). It should also not contain unnecessary search words, offensive remarks, or links to other auction/classifieds/marketplace sites. Unnecessary search words are words that do not directly refer to the item itself, but rather refer to closely related items. For example, ads for Nike shoes should not contain the words "Adidas", "Reebok", or "Puma.


    Offensive content

    -Please do not use any offensive or rude words in your title or description.


    Illegal goods

    -Ads featuring goods that are prohibited from sale according to Malaysian laws are not allowed on IShopping9


    Additional rules

    -Any post that go againt the rules below will be deleted by our admin

    1) Please insert pics that is close to what your desription and title.

    2) no offensive or impropriet words or pics.

    3) Do not put in any false Details or product.

    4) Do not post multiple post of the same product.


    Product Post

    1)Please make sure your title and product match .

    2) For Property Post please insert the name of your property / Company name in your title.


    Ishopping9 reserves the right to:

    -Remove unsuitable images, and edit or delete any unnecessary search words or promotional words.

    -Request advertisers to amend their ad to comply with the above mentioned rules.

    -Exercise sole discretion in making a final decision on whether an ad violates rules.